I'm researcher of forest science based out of Toronto, Ontario, and Halifax, Nova Scotia.  
I'm a current PhD student at Ryerson University, studying urban forest ecology in Toronto.  I worked as a research associate at Dalhousie University in Halifax on several projects relating to forests, urban forests, and climate change, including a climate change evaluation of the national framework of Criteria and Indicators for the Canadian Council of Forest Ministers and developing Halifax's urban forest master plan.  I began my research career in 2006, examining post-disturbance regeneration patterns in wilderness parks, and I've been researching climate change and sustainable management in forests and urban forests ever since.  This has included collaboration with the local water utility in Halifax during my graduate studies at Dalhousie to research climate change and forested watersheds. In addition to my research career, I have worked in silviculture as a tree planter and planting foreman in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario, and in forest conservation in Nova Scotia.